Third Front’s 3D Illusions

March 5, 2018

The incarnation of political parties with some dark powers has emerged in the form of THIRD FRONT. The reason I mentioned “dark power” can be justified by the end of this article. With the recent comments by KCR that he would like to lead a front which is non-BJP/Congress, he tried to become a junior CHACHA who penned the idea of non-aligned movement. However, his intensions give a different picture. It is natural that a section of people prefer 3D movies to experience the visual effects. The 3D effects doesn’t grab the box office collections if the story is lame. Similarly, the third front might give a perspective that they possess the ability to do miracles which is just like a 3D illusion. The narrative of this front is expecting to get good box office collections (votes). One needs to put on glasses of caste and religion to view the actions of the third front. Soon after the announcement of third front by KCR, Mamata Banarjee and Asaddudin Owasi wasted no time in joining him.


TRS, Trinamool Congress, AMIM are staunch muslim appeasement parties. AMIM has the audacity to give legal support to terrorists .Mamata Banerjee practiced a higher level of appeasement by providing shelter to illegal Bangladesh/Rohingya migrants, banned hindu festivals, issued circulars contrary to Ministry of HRD orders for celebrating republic day and maintained a poor law and order which eventually led to a discovery of a factory for manufacturing of bombs by ULFA terrorist group when a few bombs were accidentally blown. TRS tabled reservations for MUSLIMS which does not have a constitutional sanction and contradicts the supreme court judgment of not exceeding the reservations to more than 50%. The primary goal of KCR is to pitch up the reservations to 75-80%. He justified this move with the census of muslims, BCs and SC/STs tohether constituting 80% of the population and hence, they cannot be limited to 50% vacancies for jobs. It just shows the incapability of our leaders to develop the country without reservations. So obviously the audience for this third front illusion movie will be blind followers who still believe in reservations and caste based politics. Jayaprakash Nayaran once coined a different election procedure which is relevant at this case. The proposed model would select MPs/MLAs based on the ratio of the vote share with respect to the number of seats. For example, if BJP gets 40% of votes in a state which has 100 MLA seats, then 40 MLA seats must be declared for BJP. The party would select the MLAs .Election commission will post them in a constituency which is different from their native constituency (Just like postings of IAS officers). This model would refrain the MLAs to make illegal favours for people of his native area. If KCR justifies the reservations with respect to population, then this concept must also be implemented. Though KCR spoke about issues of farmers, he did not clarify the issues which he feels to be handled.
The other leaders who extended the support are Pawan Kalyan and Hemanth Soren (Ex-CM of Jharkhand).  Pawan kalyan expressed his thoughts with respect to special status for Andhra Pradesh and eventually sang the tune of divisive politics by accusing the central govt. for unfairness in treating south Indian states while allocating funds. His views are factually incorrect since PM modi has increased the devolution of funds to states from 32% to 42%. Pawan kalyan found the concept of allotting funds with respect to population as unfair. However, he did not suggest any better solution and also ignored the extreme climatic, geographical, terrain and enemy hostile conditions of north Indian states. I will not refrain to accept the fact that BJP maintained a slow pace in assisting for Andhra Pradesh by ignoring to keep an eye on bureaucrats who failed to give utility certificates of funds from centre with less coordination from secretaries of central ministries in completing the projects.

Given the primary reasons for the emergence of third front, the primary issues like economy, international relations& diplomacy, national security will be at all time vulnerable conditions if the third front wins. India has just made reforms and shifted its track from a paralysed leadership to proactive and progressive leadership. The whole world is now admiring the diplomacy of PM modi. Any disruption at this moment would make the efforts go vein. If these regional parties are obsessed with reservations, policies, and few other issues, they must address that particular ministry or come up with a framework like how JP of loksatta worked in implementing crucial constitutional amendments without being in power. Merely playing divisive politics in the name of caste, religion and region will lead to the fate of soviet union. It is also noteworthy that the third front will basically snatch the vote bank of congress and might even replace congress party’s role as opposition. The third front is a risk for Rahul Gandhi than Modi.