Narendra Modi has exercised a diplomacy POWERFUL than a NUCLEAR WEAPON

Ever since Narendra Modi has become the Prime minister of India, his vision was focused towards a longterm sustainable development of the country. Within months of assuming his office, he has initiated the process of India’s entry in NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group). To begin with role of NSG and India’s need to join NSG. Let’s go back to recall the history. United Nations was formed after the tragic incident of nuclear bomb in japan. Since then UN has been working for the global peace and stability. In 1968, an effort was made for NPT( Non Proliferation Treaty) by maintaining a set principles. It states that, a country which is signatory to NPT must: Not expand its nuclear weapons, Eliminate the existing nuclear weapons in phased time and use nuclear Technology only for peaceful purpose. Nearly 190 countries singed the NPT. However, India did not sign it. A seriousness was built by then leading global powers when INDIA tested a nuclear weapon in 1974 under the leadership of then PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi. In fact it was dramatized into a global fear. Most countries were unable to digest the fact and few began investigating to know which country gave INDIA the access to a nuclear weapon technology. Within less time, global powers in possession of nuclear technology have formed NSG. The objective of this group is to restrict the transfer of nuclear technology (military or peaceful) to a non-NSG country. Everyone would wonder why is India pushing for the membership in NSG, when actually the whole group was formed in reaction against India’s nuclear test. The reason for India is POWER. No, not political or global power. India is facing high demand for electricity. The required scale of demand can be met with expansion of nuclear power capacity to increase the supply while reducing the cost & pollution. To attain this position we must import advanced nuclear technology which can be possible only if INDIA becomes the member of NSG. The membership cannot be granted if any one of the 48 member countries disagree to support the entry. Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh began to bargain for NSG membership with then US President Obama in 2010. Though USA extended its support, but Manmohan Singh did not kept enough efforts to gain support of other countries. PM Modi has brilliantly played a diplomatic game in gaining the support of 45 countries. But Still, China has blocked the entry twice. The reason is, China wants India to sign NPT. If India signs NPT, it would be difficult to defend itself from nuclear attacks from neighbouring countries. Still Modi did not give up about NSG. The MULTILATERAL EXPORT CONTROL REGIME is body that controls the exports of nuclear, chemical weapon and dual use technologies. The body has four regimes: WASSENAR AGREEMENT (WA) , NUCLEAR SUPPLIERS GROUP (NSG) , AUSTRALIA GROUP, MISSILE TECHNOLOGY CONTROL REGIME (MTCR). In the history of INDIA PM Modi has achieved a victory that no other PM could. His diplomacy gave India a membership in MTCR on June 2016, WA in Dec 2017 and Australia group in Jan 2018. This provides us the access to export our weapons as well as import advanced weapons, technology, systems from elite countries. Interestingly China is not a member of above three groups. This gives India enough boost to enter NSG.

We always get to see Modi interacting with world leaders in a very friendly natural gesture with his bear hugs. On the other side we have a leader of opposition who makes fun of Modi’s diplomacy by terming it as “HUGPLOMACY” for that reason. The new prince of opposition party must immediately acknowledge the fact that what his robot PM could not achieve from 2010-2014 was achieved by modi in just three years. The nation must also realise the capability of Modi for building India’s new image to the world. We are a country with a voice to be heard. We are powerful to show our mettle to world. We now have a leadership to strengthen our country. Such achievements will keep building our self-confidence.

-K S RAJEEV DESIKH, Vijayawada